NewLife Leadership Academy
Is an Outreach of Africa NewLife uniquely set apart to offer Christ-centered education aimed at developing Christian character and Christian leadership. As a Christian school, we provide a nurturing environment that will help every child to reach his or her full potential in every area of life


Our Vision

“Raising generations of Christian Leaders”

Deuteronomy 4:5 & Psalm 78:3-8: our guiding verses

Our Mission:

“NLA is a center of Christian Education equipping Christian Leaders to transform the World”


What is special about NLA

  1. Our school offers an International Christian
    Curriculum-Accelerated Christian Education
  2. Integration of Biblical Principles and Character training
    in the study of every subject
  3. Mastery learning- ensuring the students capture every
    concept regardless of their speed through individualized
  4. Special co-curricular activities such as swimming,
    academic trips, hiking etc
  5. We offer Art, Computer, Library, Drama, Music, P.E. and
    French classes
  6. Unique and comfortable Boarding for all students with
    the option of students going home for weekends
  7. Leadership development

Distinctive Characteristics

  • Foundation of Scripture, with Biblical principles, wisdom, and character development
  • Placement of child at exact academic ability in each subject through diagnostic testing
  • Incorporation of goal setting, motivation, and academic excellence
  • Utilization of multimedia and computer technology
  • Encouragement of parental involvement
  • Recognition of the uniqueness of the individual
  • Development of critical thinking skills

Accelerated Christian Education-a unique program for this time in history- is building Godly citizens and Christian leaders of tomorrow.  A.C.E. is your educational servant to meet today’s educational needs with yesterday’s traditional values and tomorrow’s technique of individualized learning that  prepares students for tomorrow’s work while giving them traditional morals and values that will last a lifetime.